Public Horseback Riding FAQ

What types of horseback riding do you offer?

We currently are offering our corral horse rides which take place in an outdoor setting. Our guided trail riding opens closer to summer and is not typically available this early in the season. You can click here to book a reservation. This is a family-friendly experience and open to younger children that are not old enough to go on guided trail rides. The typical insurance for such activity limits guided trail rides to anywhere from 8 to 10 years as a minimum age requirement. Kids under 8 can take part in our guided pony rides.

Do you accept same-day or walk-ins for riding?

We are unable to accept walk-ins as we only have staff available based on appointments. Our boarding barn is also private and not typically open to the general public. This is also due to requirements related to COVID-19 precautions.

We do however accept same-day reservations. Please do not just drive out to our location to speak with someone as the barn itself is restricted to members who board their horses with us.

How can I make a reservation?

You can click here to book a reservation right away online. If you’d like a quote for a special request or are wanting to book same-day you’ll need to give us a call at (541) 241-3297.

Can I ride with my child?

No, we do not allow this practice as it’s both a safety issue and prohibited by insurance limitations. This is referred to as doubling-up or tandem riding and is not something we can permit for our horse corral rides or guided trail riding.

Can the corral horse rides be longer?

If a single person wants a longer riding time then you can simply book a Ride for more people. A Ride for 4 can be used to double the time for 2 riders. You cannot however book a Ride for 2 and split it between 4 riders.

General FAQ

Do you provide lessons for those without horses?

Starting in February 2021, we were able to provide a lesson horse for those who desired to do lessons. This has additional costs as we must then continue to cover the care for the horse. While it may seem that we have a lot of horses, all but our one lesson horse are owned by private individuals for their own recreation.


However, if someone can ride at least 1-2 times a week then we may have options for partial or full care leases from those at our barn, and then have a lesson with an outside trainer. We currently have several individuals who have such arrangements. Our primary outside trainer currently comes twice a week and spends 6-8 hours per day doing lessons and training horses for many of our members.

We’d be happy to discuss what arrangements we could help assist you with. That could include leasing or buying a horse from elsewhere or from someone at our facility, as a few of our boarders own multiple horses. Don’t be shy, give us a call so we can see if there is a viable solution for you!

Can I come at anytime your open to look at the facility?

For the safety and security of our members, staff, and most importantly the horses, a scheduled appointment is needed, even during “normal” hours. While we typically have staff around the barn, they are also busy handling their daily shift and caring for the horses. It’s important for the public to know that our facility provides private boarding services for horses.

By scheduling an appointment we can have someone another staff member who is better suited to answer your questions and show you the facility without delay the work of our dedicated team members. To arrange an appointment please call us at (541) 241-3297 or email

Please note that facility tours are only for those interested in our membership and boarding services.

I love being around horses, how can I volunteer or "trade" work?

While the previous operators of the facility appeared to allow this practice before we took over in September of 2019, we are unable to allow volunteers or “trade” work for lessons etc with those who perform essential functions for the following reasons:

  1. The nature of volunteers means there would be no obligation, and since we must ensure many tasks related to the care of horses are performed with absolute consistency, this is not feasible.
  2. This would also mean inconsistency for our actual employees who perform this work and would be unfair to them, as well as impact our ability to keep quality employees.
  3. Since the business receives a material benefit from the work, it’s actually not legal to have (unpaid) volunteers under Federal FLSA and Oregon BOLI laws. This is only possible at the rescue and other organizations that are legally non-profits.
  4. The liability related to our worker’s compensation and business insurance.

We realize that many boarding barns engage in such practices, but make no mistake that it is still not legal to do so.  This is a change from the past history of this facility and we apologize for the inconvenience. If you’re interested in applying for part or full-time employment with us, please email

I could come feed the horses under the previous ownership, why can't I anymore?

When Rock Creek Stables acquired control of the property in September 2019, we noticed that many individuals would at random come into the barn without permission, even after we placed signage about guests being accompanied by a member. Many expressed that previously under Green Acres they were allowed to freely and without notice come and go and feed the horses. Issues with allowing random and/or unsupervised visitors include:

  • The horses boarded at our facility are privately owned by individuals who want to ensure their horses have supervised/controlled interactions.
  • The safety of our staff and members while at the facility.
  • Ensuring horses aren’t feed anything they should not have or the owner does not want them to have.
  • Allowing our staff to care for the horses timely instead of having to supervise visitors without notice.

While we realize there are many in the public who want to come to see horses are have good intentions, the boarding side of our facility is not intended for the general public, and providing this service with the privately owned horses of others is not sustainable or in the best interests of our members. If you know a member of our stable you may indeed visit our barn as their guest, so long as you are accompanied by them.

Our first goal must be to serve our members/boarders who cover the costs of doing business, and our boarders most overwhelmingly support the current policy. Our stable now clearly has posted signs regarding visitors and 24/7 – 4k video security to ensure the safety of our members and horses.

Do you sale hay, pellets, grain, or other horse related supplies?

We absolutely do. While our members enjoy better rates, we typically find ourselves selling hay to those in the Lincoln County community. While it may not be as cheap as going to the valley, the rates we have with the large bulk orders we get still make this an economical option for those when compared to the time and money involved with a trip to the valley.

Hay is the main item we sell to non-members. For the most part, we have a quality Eastern Oregon Orchard Grass Hay.  If you’re interested in any purchases be sure to contact us by phone in advance as you need an appointment. Our number is (541) 241-3297

How can I stay connected and get updates about your business?

You’ll find us on several social media platforms that we have linked below for you!

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Boarding FAQ

Do you offer pasture board?

No, we do not offer pasture boarding as an actual care plan. Since horses could only remain in pasture 24/7 for about 4-months due to coastal weather, providing this as an option makes little sense. This would only result in situations where existing boarders switch back and forth and expect a reduced rate, leading to a significant reduction in our revenue. This  would result in an overall higher boarding rate to make it up during the winter, along with other logistical considerations. We have employees we must continue to keep employed and if anything there is more work to due over the summer as our facility is known for putting significant work into maintenance/upkeep and continuous improvement projects.

While there is no rate reduction, boarders are allowed** to keep their horses out on pasture 24/7 during the summer, which can be a nice option for those on partial-care so as to avoid stall-cleaning etc. The boarder does get to keep their assigned stall and use it as needed.

**Leaving horses out overnight requires at least one other compatible horse being left out in the same pasture zone.

What are the barn hours and when can I ride?

The barn hours for all members are from 7am to 9pm, daily. We want to ensure we are good neighbors by limiting vehicle sounds, lights, and other noise that can disturb them at late/early hours.

What kinds of hay do you feed?

Our main staple hay is Eastern Oregon Grass that is imported from across the State. In addition, we offer the choice of a quality Kentucky Blue Grass and Alfalfa, both of which are imported from Central Oregon. The Blue Grass provides a great option for those horses that need less sugars.

What is turnout options do you have?

Are typical turnout involves groups of horses in pasture zones that we do rotate for proper pasture management. Our staff work with you and your horse(s) to provide the best options.

Some of our boarders either require or need private paddocks for turnout which we also offer for an additional cost. This is due to the required regular maintenance and cost of initial buildout for these areas.

We also have a special “country club” suite which includes a double-sized run and private pasture that contains a couple of acres.

What kind of bedding is used?

For the most part we use quality Nature’s Brand Pellet Bedding.

Can I have shavings instead of pellets?

Boarders with Horses on Partial Care (who muck their own stalls) can use a mix of pellets and Easy Pick micro-shavings provided by the Stable. We do not allow boarders to bring outside sawdust or shavings. There are issues with some types of shavings not breaking down as well in the manure piles, and sawdust is more prone to cause respiratory issues when compared to pellets.

Do you offer overnight/weekly boarding?

Unfortunately, no. Any boarding that is less than a month period is considered a  “horse hotel” and requires not only separate insurance, it also typically requires a separate building/barn. Keep this in mind if you’re ever working with a Stable that allows mixing of long-term and horse hotel business, as it’s likely a liability for them, you, and your horse.

What are your boarding rates?

You can visit the link below to view our page regarding our boarding rates.

Horse Boarding