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Our primary season for horseback trail riding is June through the end of September. We do however offer our Discovery Lessons year-round which are perfect for one-off experiences for those visiting from out of town! Be sure to visit our Lessons page for more information and to book. Reservations for our popular Guided Trail Riding in 2022 will open in March.

Off-Season Offerings Only

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We are currently outside of our normal season for our guided trail rides. We are however still offering our Corral Rides for kids! In the off-season, we also offer our Discovery Lessons which are perfect for all ages and take place in our indoor riding facility during unfavorable weather. These Discovery Lessons are both for locals and those from out of town looking for a one-time experience.

Mountain Trail Ride

Mountain Trail Ride

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Frequently Asked Questions

What safety precautions and licensing do you have?

First and foremost all of our guides are experienced equestrians, several with extensive guiding and trail riding experience. We’ve worked hard to ensure our company is above board with our practices. This includes safety protocols for riders and horses, having necessary insurance coverages, state licensing, workers compensation and properly paid employees, and guides certified in First Aid & CPR.

Unfortunately, not all equestrian outfitters play by all the rules.  Even some “licensed” outfitters are still circumventing requirements by not complying with the state outfitter requirements or by putting their riders and workers at risk by not following other basic labor laws.

We always recommend checking the following:

  1. The Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB) database for all Outfitters to ensure they are licensed. While also checking if their license is current, you should also verify they are listing all their employees/agents under the “OG Associates”, as some outfitters will show active but list only some of their workers. You should even ensure that your guides on the day of the ride are listed, and don’t be afraid to ask for proof as guides are required to carry proof while engaged in any outfitting operation.  If they don’t provide this, you should have appropriate grounds to demand a full refund and can report it to law enforcement. We will happily show you if requested! Many outfitters are not credentialing their guides with the Oregon State Marine Board, and thus avoiding verification of required training & certification, OSMB criminal background checks, and more:
  2. Another red flag is if the Outfitters doesn’t have Workers Compensation Insurance to protect their workers. It’s unlikely they can be actually be considered independent contractors to avoid workers compensation, regardless of using such a label, so that’s worth a check as well if you want to know they care about their workers:

Can I rent a horse for an "unguided" ride?

No, this is not a service we or just about anyone else offers. Very few outfits around the country offer this type of service, especially in one-off customer scenarios. Insurance is already hard to come by for guided trail riding, let alone unguided.

What is the difference between a trail ride and corral ride?

A corral ride is similar to a “pony ride”, meaning that it involves one of our staff hand-leading a horse around a corral with the rider. It’s intended for those not yet ready or old enough for a trail ride. It’s great for first-timers who have never been on a horse before. To prepare kids for a guided trail ride, we even recommend booking a corral ride for shortly before a trail ride!

Do I need boots or certain shoes?

Yes, all riders must have closed-toed shoes, no exceptions. While still extremely rare, not having proper footwear has been one of the main reasons riders are not allowed to ride. Remember, that even in these cases we cannot offer a refund.

Can I book a private ride with no other riders but us?

Absolutely, we can make these arrangements for our guided trail rides. Our corral rides are always a private experience.

This is perfect for those who might even desire a romantic couples horseback ride on the Oregon Coast, or even the perfect surprise marriage proposal together or with the presence of family. Just be sure to select the Private/Proposal ride above. It can also be ideal for corporate group activities.

Do keep in mind that the cost is higher per-person the fewer number on the ride, especially under 5 riders. This is due to the fact that when we schedule these private rides, we have to closeout a particular timeslot that’d otherwise be used for a ride of mixed reservations and/or plan for additional staff. For groups of 10 or more be sure to contact us directly for bookings

Do we get to feed the horses?

Of course! Your experience includes feeding your horse a carrot as a treat for a job well done. It’ll also be a great moment to capture on camera as well. If you’re really lucky there are a couple of our horses who occasionally get a Pop-Tart too!

Can my child sit with me on the horse?

We do not allow this as this is not a safe method of riding. It’s also due to strict insurance requirements all riders must ride on their own horse, no tandem riders.  Children between 8 and 12 might have a guide holding a lead rope attached to their horse at the sole discretion of the lead guide.

Can my child under 10 go on a guided trail ride?

No, under no circumstances can we allow any rider under 10 to ride due to insurance reasons. We also conduct a more detailed screening of all riders 10-12 prior to the ride, typically within a few days of booking and before the ride. Safety is our focus! We know of no current insurance provider that will permit any younger than 8-years old on guided trail rides, regardless if they are “ponied”.

Parents should always be mindful of these things when considering working with any outfitter. Check out our Corral Rides which are perfect for younger kids!