Horseback Riding Lessons & Training

Rock Creek Stables provides horseback riding lessons for both our members (boarders) as well as non-members with the use of a lesson horse. Catering for beginners to advanced riders and multiple disciplines, we are here for riders of all ages and statuses. Our Discovery Lessons are also available as a one-off experience for those visiting from out of town.


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Yes, we offer what we call a Discovery Lesson for this exact purpose. The discovery lesson is geared to seeing how everything goes and allowing the trainer to further explore the best path forward for the rider. It also provides the rider an opportunity to get a better sense, especially for a first-time rider or child. This automatically includes the lesson horse usage fee.

Not at all! We have options available for our non-members, mainly by providing a lesson horse. While the combined cost is more than what our members and boarders will pay who have their own horse, you won’t have to worry about caring for a horse or the extensive risk/cost of horse ownership or leasing.

For those who are considering the benefits of horse leasing or ownership in the near future, this is a great way to get started before making the next big leap.

We do not provide horses for rent that are not being used for a lesson under the direct supervision of our trainer. We do not have enough demand to cover the significant specialty insurance and other costs associated with this type of service. We do offer seasonal guided horseback riding, both trail rides and corral rides.

This can absolutely vary. We encourage those considering lessons with us to get in touch to schedule a consultation with our trainer. We may even suggest booking a discovery lesson in order to develop a lesson plan that will be the best for you while also taking into account your budget. Generally, at least 1-2 times per week is ideal for most beginners.

Our company strictly follows all state and federal labor laws. While there are stables that offer such barter transactions, doing so is illegal for several reasons, including tax evasion. We already have a great dedicated staff who are scheduled to perform the day-to-day care.  Those interested in proper W-2 employment can contact us about this serpately. You can read more on our main FAQ.

Lesson & Training Costs

Private Lessons $40-50/hr
Lesson Horse Use Fee $20-25/hr
Semi-Private Lesson (2 riders) $30-35/hr each
Discovery Lesson (w/ lesson horse)* $75
2-Person Discovery Lesson $150
Horse Training (members only)  $30-40/hr

*An initial Discovery Lesson is required for non-members in order to start regular lessons.