Due to the impacts of COVID-19, we are only offering Horse “Pony” Rides which can be booked below. We are not currently taking reservations for any guided trail rides at this time.

This experience involves sitting on a normal-sized horse. We call it a “pony” ride as the ride itself is similar to riding a pony where one of our guides will lead the horse around an arena. This is our one experience that is open for children between 5 and 8-years old but can be equally enjoyed by those over 8. We can sometimes allow as young as 3 years old, but you must contact before booking to confirm the date/time you’d like to book. It can also be helpful for those of any age who may still be very uneasy about riding a horse or those with disabilities, providing a safe, comfortable, and therapeutic experience.

For answers to common questions please visit our FAQ Page

The overall experience for one rider that lasts 20-25 minutes, with up to 15 minutes riding on the horse. That also leaves time to meet the horse(s) and even feed them a carrot after the ride. This is a great and family-friendly experience. At the guides’ sole discretion, a rider may be allowed to ride without being led by the guide. Typically this will only be likely if the rider has past experience riding a horse and demonstrate they can work the reins. 

We can accept same-day reservations with a little notice but you will need to call us at (541) 241-3297.