Oregon quietly changes Horse & Livestock Import Requirements

Over the summer there were some changes that were more widely noticed by equestrians to the Oregon law regarding the electronic certificates of veterinary inspection (eCVI) for horses. Typically horses coming into Oregon from another state would require an Import Permit issued by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, but as of July 20th, 2020, an Import Permit is no longer required if the horse is accompanied by an eCVI issued by a veterinarian through an approved source and contains EIA results.

Snippet from the Oregon Department of Agriculture Website
A snippet from the Oregon Department of Agriculture website concerning travel & import requirements

What was not as widely noticed is that at the same time in July, Oregon also changed the timeline for the validity period for Equine Infections Anemia (or EIA) tests, more commonly known as the Coggins test. The timeline changed from 6-months to 12-months.

Information regarding the EIA Test requirements for horses and other equine being transporting into Oregon. Courtesy of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

This should make things a little easier for those who travel out and back into Oregon for shows/trips, or purchase a horse in Washington or another state. Especially considering on January 1st, 2020, Oregon no longer recognizes the Equine Six Month Passports for travel into or out of Oregon. There are still some limited exceptions for horses used for ranching and for vet care.

That now means you only need to ensure you perform Coggins only once a year and obtain a new eCVI from your veterinarian as needed. This is still not as great as the Six Month Passports for those traveling across state lines in the northwest on a regular basis, but it’s surely a helpful improvement.